Sunday April 19, 2009

Yesterday was beautiful outside. My parents took us all out for breakfast, even DD was awake and willing to go. While at breakfast, my sister and i decided that we would go to Kouchibouguac National Park of Canada ( I tried to put the link in but failed), just to see how much of the park was opened. We headed out around 12:30 and by 1:30 we we walking on the main road, as they don't plow the whole road in the winter.

We parked @ the Pines trail, and walked down the road a couple of Kms. It was cold but the sun was shining and the birds were singing. We also met a couple fron England who were there to bird watch, but they couldn't get to the beach. We gave them another area to try to watch the migrating birds.

We also saw moose tracks, fox tracks and rabbits of course. My nephew was fascianted by all the different types of poop on the road, and after we saw bear scat, we turned aroud and walked back to the car. We had a sanck of hot chocolate, muffins and grapes and headed back home.

I made potatoe scallop and ham for supper, did a little bit of house work and fell asleep in the chair.

It was a very good day, I spent 12.95 @ the grocery store on coffee and a toupee ham ( I got the ham for under 6 dollars, it was on sale for 99./lb). I baked the ham and will slice it and freeze it tonight.

Today will be a crazy day @ work, I'll be doing an acting supervisors job, plus my own for today, and maybe tomorrow. Plus I scheduled an appointment today that I can't get out of ( it has to do with the house), so I'll leave work when i get the call and go back tonight if necessary to finish up.

I have to buy dog food today and deposit my cheque from my PT job,plus I need to get someone to cover my shift for my PT job tomorrow as I have a meeting to attend about DD's trip.


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