Saturday, april 25, 2009

Yesterday was beautiful outside. I did some raking and sweeping, plus a few small things inside. I worked last night, crazy busy but very little cash ( 53.00) oh well its more than I had when I went.

DD is working for 12 hours babysitting today, so all of our plans are out the window. I'm going to clean the floors, bathroom and bedrooms. Plus I need to start putting stuff away for when the reno's happen.

I checked out my goals for 2009 yesterday. My home goals are all met! ( that's a first for me). It also looks like I'll be on target for the majority of my financial goals too!

I'm going shopping in a few weeks and I'm going to check out home depot when I'm there. I want to put in radiant floors for the bathroom, and so far Costco has the best deal. I also need to find bathroom flooring ( some kind of stone as its a small space). I also need to look @ vanities, plus I had the toilet I installed last year ( but I can reuse it in the basement), so I'll look for a better flush. I'll also need new light fixture ( one that uses standard bulbs), mirror and some type of storage. I'll be checking out tubs too!

I have the new exhaust fan purchased, plus I need to check out exterior light fixtures. Oh and blinds for the house.


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