Moving forward with home reno's

I've got the contractor booked to do the exterior work on the house, the windows, siding and eaves.  My door color may change depending on the cost. I may go with a copper, shiny penny  colored front door ( it depends on the cost). Now I'm on the hunt for the reno company to do the insulation. This one could be very tricky. I'll defintely have to look very carefully @ the companies. 

Plus I'm going to buy my new tub and store it in DD's room until its time to do the bathroom. ( I talked to a few people and it's much easier to bring it in while the windows are out and way less hassle, it'll cost close to 1,000 for a 3 piece tub.) 

DD's not too crazy about having a tub in her room, but she'll have to deal with it. I could end up getting the bathroom done sooner than I think, but that would mean no more handles falling off or water on the floor. 

So many decisions. 

But you know what? I'm glad I get to make these choices! 

here's to regular blogging again and looking forward to getting back to track!


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