Monday, April 27, 2009

I actually didn't spend a dime yesterday. ( that make day 2 of no spending for April, I really failed on that one). I cooked supper for myself last night as DD was @ a friends, so I made an omelet with onion, mushrooms, red pepper and ham. Plus I nuked a potato and fried it with onions. Supper was good. I also did the dishes, walked the dog and talked on the phone.

DD forgot she was supposed to babysit from midnight to 8 last night, so the phone rang @ 11:30 and she ran next door. ( She's doing the same thing again tonight). But I have to run her stuff over this morning so she can get ready for school.

Today I work both jobs, so I'm hoping to make between 40 & 50 tonight. Plus yesterday i got my rebate from blue cross for 68.00 ( which needs to be deposited). Tonight money will go for gas, plus I need to get some poop and scoop bags so when we walk we clean up the mess! I don't think I'll buy anything today, so maybe I'll get 1 more day in!

Oh and DD needs some new flats, her last 2 pairs died recently, so Payless has AE ones on sale. We'll go and check them out tomorrow night.

I'm planning on buying new sneakers in May, plus my birkenstocks have been chewed beyond repair, so I'm on a search for new ones.


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