Monday April 20, 2009

Today I got my pay from my PT job, 317.?? which was almost 100 more than I was expecting. I spent 44.70 on dog food and 12.70 on yougurt, chocolate milk, onion rings and chips. I also spent 17.50 @ the store.

The best part of the day? I had a quote for the removal of the vermiculite in my attic. Apparently its only around the attic hatch. $1,500 is the quote which is much better than the 7,000 I expected! ( I'll budget 2,500 just in case). So, I'm borrowing an extra 33,000 to do home renos. 21,000 will go towards the renos, which leaves me with 12,000 ( of which some will go towards the computer 2,000, and my mother).


Just thought I'd let you know that DD now has 230.00 saved for her trip. Plus she has 3 more nights of babysitting this week, so by next week she should have 320.00 saved. She'll be averaging 3 nights a week @ 30/night. Plus she hates to spend her own money, so i think she'll be a tightwad for the next few months!
Well unexpected money is the best type!

Well done re DD's savings!

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