Friday, April 24,2009

Today, I signed off on my new mortgage, which comes into effect May 1. My legal fees, property tax, etc came to 4200.00 roughly.

The legal fees for the mortgage was a bit over 830.00.
Legal fees for the missing property ( including registering everything, plus paying 2 PIDS) 2,000.00 roughly
Will -150.00 ( finally got that sucker done, now off to buy a fire proof box)
Property taxes for 2009-1200.00

On the upside I'll now be paying the mortgage and property tax on another 100 square metres which increased my lot size to a smidge over 700 square meters.

My lawyer is just taking her fees from the amount that my bank is giving me, so I'll have over 28,000 in the bank. But I'm going to transfer some into a high interest account for a bit to earn some interest.

Plus I'll pay my computer off first crack! ( which leaves me 6,000 to stash for the bathroom reno!)

PS, I don't have to work tonight @ my PT job, there was a mix up and its tomorrow night! So I have a reprieve of sorts!


Canadian Saver said…
It must be a big relief that everything is now official!!
It'll be a bigger relief once I see the money. Only a few more days!

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