Friday, April 17,2009

I took 40 from the bank today and bought pizza, pop and chocolate. I still have 10.00 left. I'm not leave the house again tonight. April was a spendy month so far. I have to pull the reigns in and get it back under control. I find when I get tired, and cranky I want tospend more and more and more. But I've paid cash for everything but the computer which I'm paying off of the 1st and DD's trip, which i've put 500 on the visa, and I'm still waiting for money from DD's father.

I'm going to do some work @ my FT job tomorrow so I build some flex time up for next year. I want enough to take an extra week off for graduation next year without touching my vacation time. If I work 6 Saturday @ 4 hours each I'll have 36 hours of flex time. ( I get paid time and a half). So I'd just have to work an extra hour and a half some where.

Right now I'm very tired and can't wait for the snow to melt. My backyard is a mess and the front will need to be rake I'm hoping in about 2 weeks.

I'm off to veg in fornt of the couch and watch some really bad TV. PS I love my Imac. It is great to watch tv shows on!


Canadian Saver said…
I really, really, really wish we could do some hour banking like you're doing for your DD's graduation... that's an excellent idea!

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