Friday April 10, 2009

I'm very glad to be off for the week-end. I don't go back to work until Tuesday, and I'm happy that its only a 4 day work week.

Being without a home computer for 1 week now has been very weird. I really miss checking out my bank account the most. ( LOL). Second would be reading blogs. I've stolen a few minutes from work and read a few things on the fly but feel very guilty about it.

My plans for this week-end include eating, sleeping , cleaning the garbage out of the yard and of course the never ending housework. I don'y have any plans on spending any money with the exception of 1 thing. I have all the Easter stuff and I have plenty of food. ( But I'd like some bacon and hash browns for breakfast).

I have to work tonight @ my PT job, but I get paid time and a half for tonight! I did work on Tuesday and made 40.00, which went to DD's haircut.

I also bought a few things yesterday @ Sobey's, as they had a bonus if you bought 50.00 worth of P&G products you got 100 bonus airmiles. Always and Tampax were on sale for 6.49 , so I bought enough to last for about 3 0r 4 months ( its expensive when you buy for 2). Plus I bought chips, ice cream, a freezer bag, wooden clothes pins and garbage bags for 81.79. I had 80 in cash and DD had 3.55 in her joint account with her dad. I used the 1.79 form her account. ( He hasn't coughed up his share yet BTW).

I hope everyone enjoys their long week-end and don't stuff yourself with too much chocolate.


I'm @ my PT job and its so slow! Yuck. Tip wise 30.00( the worst week-end night ever) but its more than I had when I came in. The only things I need are gas and my crutch. SO its all good! But I really miss having my own computer!
Canadian Saver said…
How soon until you get the new computer???

I'm not surprised Good Friday wasn't as busy as usual... it seems like a day most people associate with everything being shut down (banks, malls, etc).

Have a great Easter!

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