Continuation of Friday April 24, 2009

DD stayed at school until 7ish last night, and forgot her phone @ home so no way of making contact ( she'd never pick up a pay phone and call). So I bought take out for supper ( and it was so-so). Our new printer arrived yesterday, but I have yet to hook it up.

We went browsing @ the mall last night. I was looking @ Patio furniture. But I'm going to hold off once again, as I want cash in hand, plus with all the reno's coming up I really can't justify buying the stuff.

I did buy a few groceries. Clementines, Pepsi, straws, tulips and 2 packs of lipton side kicks ( the garlic noodles and instant mashed potatoes with gravy). I also bought lottery tickets too, 8.00 worth. I'll let you know if I'm a winner!

Today is cleaning outside and laundry. I also want to clean the BBQ and get some propane for it. Tomorrow night for supper I'm going to BBQ steak, potatoes and asparagus ( if I can find some).


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