April 3, 2009

Another day, another dollar. I went to work earlier than normal today.

So I left early in good consciousness. I paid for my contacts 201.00 ( but there is a rebate card to get a 50.00 MC, I'll complete that on Sunday). I also bought a new remote 56.00, 45.50 hair cut and it looks amazing! 20.53 @ the bulk barn on rawhide bones, nacho chips and seeds, 4.50 on Easter chocolate.

I have no big plans for tonight, other than supper and the usual clean up. Tomorrow is house work , and I work @ my PT job tomorrow night.

Sunday is going to be R&R, with a bit of baking mixed in.

PS I checked DD's account... NO money yet....


Money Funk said…
I so wish I had a Bulk Barn here in So. California! Watch... now that I want one here so bad...someone will think of it and one will be built in no time. lol!

Glad to hear you love your haircut. That is always a great feeling.
Canadian Saver said…
I love going to Bulk Barn too...

Hope DD's dad pays up soon!!

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