April 22, 2009

Another blech day! But on the upside I didn't spend any money today, I think was the only day this month:( .

I'm waiting for cheques to clear out of my account and because I didn't work my PT job last night I have very little cash right now.

I'm considering taking a day or two in May off, just to take a break from work. ( Thursdays are the best day for work as I only have one major commitment that day, while the others have an average of 3). But I'm not sure yet.

I think, no I know I'm getting anxious over the mortgage renewal, and just waiting for everything to be signed off and I can start the reno's!

Plus i called workers comp today and right now they don't want to pay for my physio because in the initial DR's report he just mentioned my neck and elbow, and nothing about my butt! I found the report I wrote the day i fell, after a quick check today, and I stated in it about how my much my butt hurt, but the Dr. @ the ER paid little mind to it. ( I laughed when i read the report because parts of it make little sense, I think i had a minor concussion too, but who knows).

I told the girl I spoke with that I've not missed any time because of the fall beside the days right afterward, and that I'm not looking for time off work, only to have my physio paid for. That's all i want, nothing more. I just want to have more energy and less pain. They're questioning the physio because i did act soon enough, but I told the girl that I ignored it until it came to the point where I felt like i was having constant muscle spasms, and couldn't ignore it any longer. I also told her i have a high pain tolerance and the strongest thing I've taken was advil.

So lets hope that this gets straightened out and they pay for physio. I did tell her too that I worked 2 jobs and the pain/nuisance doesn't bother me, just the fact that I can't move my body the way i want bothers me.

I'm going to putt around get some laundry done, along with some housework, ( bathroom and kitchen). Tomorrow night I want to finish cleaning the house. Friday I work both jobs and Saturday I want to spend outside cleaning the deck before i dismantle it, and I may start scraping the fence. Sunday will be sent hopefully @ Kouchiboguach again.


Canadian Saver said…
Good luck with the workers' comp ... they aren't always easy to deal with!!
Rachelle said…
I recently injured my knee, there's nothing more annoying than not be able to do things without being in pain. I feel for ya!
Money Minder said…
Good Luck with workers' comp. They don't make it easy to file a claim, that's for sure!

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