April 21, 2009

Its cold and rainy out now, but that means the snow will melt even faster! ( i can actually see most of my driveway now!) I spent 19.87 @ the grocery store tonight, as i was going to make pasta and had no sauce. I bought pasta sauce, cantaloupe, pineapple, garlic bread, Parmesan cheese and cream cheese. I really need to get things in a pile and get organized!

Work was work today, trying to do my own job plus 2 others not cool. Hopefully things will be back to normal tomorrow!

I work Friday night @ my PT job so I'm going to enjoy my time off this week as much as possible.

I do need to open a joint account with DD next week, plus i need to order her some British pounds and some euros. I'm also going to either a prepaid Visa or add her to my MC.

I also need to get her medical alert completed and ordered. I did make our Dr.s appointments for May.

Now if I could just take some vacation if would be even better!


Canadian Saver said…
When is your DD leaving? My sister got our Euros in Moncton at a currency exchange place (not sure which bank) but we paid less than at our credit union. They charged $5 or so per transaction but we pooled our money together and it just counted as one...

check around cuz there can be a big difference between places.
HI CS, I think that I'll call and check the banks to see which is the best rate. There's going to be a lot of parents ordering money so hopefully they'll cut some of the fees. It will be interesting to see how much money she has saved by the time the trip arrives.

Plus with all the little things that she needs I'm still going to have to cough up another 250 or so. But the medical alert is a must, so that's on the top of my to do list for the first week in May.

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