April 2, 2009

Today was pay day and my income came in. I paid off my mastercard, the bills for snow removal, put 200 back into my Christmas fund and put a good chunk on my visa. I also bought 64.15 on groceries. ( cat food, dog biscuits, steak, chicken,. pork chops, milk, spinach, cucumbers, chips, hash browns). I also bought a package of my demon and a coffee. I also gave DD 6.50 for lunch.

I still have money in the bank ( That and I get paid again in a few days for my PT job.) Tomorrow I have my hair cut (50.00 including a tip), and I'm not going to spend any more money until next week ( actually I need to pay for my contacts too 150.00). I forgot I'm going to buy a new remote for the satellite ( 57.50).


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