April 1, 2009

This morning I had major knots in my neck and shoulder. My physio therapist applied pressure to 2 big knots in my arm pits of all places. ( It brought tears to my eyes and hurt really bad and I had no freaking idea that i could get knots in the muscles there), then she did acupuncture to my neck and back. I've been in pain all day and will take more advil before I go to bed. My muscles are slowly healing but the muscles higher up are reacting now to the new muscle usage!

I worked both jobs today and made 38.00 tonight , 30.00 which went right into my gas tank. I also spent 2.00 on a chocolate bar and 6.12 on supper.

Tomorrow is pay day, so I've got bills to pay. Plus I booked a hair cut for myself on Friday... Its been almost 4 months. Plus I get paid from my PT job this week too!

I'm off to bed, I'm tired and in pain...


Anonymous said…
Oh dear! Sounds painful. Hopefully you get lots of rest, and the pain goes away soon!!

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