Wednesday March 4/09

I went to the funeral this morning, DD stayed home, I didn't push the issue. The priest said some very kind words and we went to the reception afterward but my sister started getting sick, so we didn't stay long. She laughed when she saw the cream cheese and cherry sandwiches ( its a strange thing but they're very popular at funerals here) I saw a lot of people that we used to camp with when we were kids. One set of camping friends drove from Ottawa to see the family. My parents are coping, but I really don't think the loss will really hit home until camping season begins.

My sister and I went out grocery shopping after the funeral this morning. Weird I know but I needed to grab a few things and it didn't make sense to drive her home and back track to the grocery store.

I spent 13.20 @ a small ware house store where I got:
honeydew melon - 1.99
potatoes -3.99
broccoli - .99
bananas for .59/lb
wooden spoons .99
milk -3.45 for 2L

I spent another 35.46 at another grocery store:
baby spinach 3.99
demi-baguette 3@1.00 each
dip -3.49
cucumber 1.00
chicken 10.50 ( enough for 4 + meals)
4 cans cat food @ .48 each
feta cheese 4.99
eggs ???
chapmans drum sticks 3.00

I also got gas ( 26.50) this morning and 01 pack on cigarettes, plus a ticket ( 4.00) for tonights draw. I spent 39.20 on this stuff, plus I got 1.00 back in CT money.

I also got my check back from blue cross and deposited it. Tomorrow is pay day plus we're going for our SPA day...

We've made plans to go to the movies on Friday night, and she's going for a sleepover tomorrow night while I go out with friends! ( I'll spend 30.00 tomorrow night on drinks and a snack).


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