Tuesday March 17, 2009

Budget day went well for myself personally and for the department that I work for. We suffered no job losses. The job I'm currently doing appears safe as well, and my pet project is going to get started on April 1. However, while our current contract will be upheld, when the contract expires and even when the new one is negotiated, we have a wage freeze for 2 years... So from 2011 to 2013 I won't see a raise in my pay check. That's all the more incentive to get out of debt.

I spent 11.16 yesterday. 5.00 was t0 my DD for her lunch, 6.12 was for my supper @ the restaurant (I normally don't eat there on Tuesday's but I was starving yesterday). Today its my sisters birthday, so we're going to my mothers for a BBQ. I'll spend money on gas today, and for pizza coupons. The pizza coupons are 15.00 and you get a 15 inch 3 topping pizza and 12 garlic fingers. 1 will be for my sister and the other I'll keep here @ home to have some night when I really don't feel like cooking supper.

I did make 33.00 last night @ the restaurant, which will pay for the pizza coupons. I'll use my debit for the gas.

I get paid this week and all my bills will get paid tomorrow morning. I'm also hoping to hear from the mortgage broker by tomorrow night as I'd like to get things finalized and book the contractor for the exterior. The company that I think I'm going to go with is looking at a bit under 18,000. His quote included: the cost of materials, labour and the inside work ( drywall, trim and painting). Where I'm filling in 3 very large windows and replacing them with 4 smaller ones that jacked up the price. However, I eventually want to renovate the kitchen and the way its laid out right now, the windows are too big to put standard cupboards in. So I'll get the outside the way I want it and pick away @ the inside.


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