Thursday March 12th and Friday the 13th.

Yesterday I spent 25.00 @ the grocery store. I made seafood casserole (thanks to Rochelle's blog) for supper last night. It was amazing. I had bought all the seafood in dribs and dabs since mid December and I finally got the right recipe. I'll be making it again next fall and winter.

Today I had a dentist appointment, which was 85.00 ( it went on my MC). I'll send my papers to blue cross tomorrow and hopefully have the money in a week or so. Tomorrow I need to buy puppy his bones and I think that's it. I may buy somepork if its on sale.

I made 70.00 tonight @ my PT job. 50 will go in the bank, and the other 20 will be held in reserve.


Rachelle said…
It's an expensive dish to make - I'm glad it turned out great!

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