Sunday March 29, 2009

Today I spent 8.99 on strawberries 2/5.00 and pineapple 3.99. I bought poutine x2 and a chocolate shake for 11.49 ( I was going to the grocery store and was way too hungry... hence the JUNK). I ended up just buying fruit @ the grocery store as they had no spinach and the romaine looked terrible. So it's going to be frozen veggies for most of this week I think.

I went to my mothers for corned beef and cabbage for supper. I was late getting there, but they saved me some. It was very good! My sister, husband and nephew were there, along with my mom's brother, his wife and their little girl. The little ones are too cute! There was carrot cake with cream cheese icing for dessert. I had a small piece as it had almonds on it and I'm allergic to them, but I ate it anyways.

I also deposited 25.00 in the bank and spent 17.00 @ the store. Oh I forgot I spent 5.00 on 4 balls of frozen pizza dough @ a local bakery yesterday.

I have no plans to spend tomorrow as we're getting a storm tonight/tomorrow (20-30 cms) so I'm just going to work and back. Supper tomorrow night will be fried rice with sweet and sour chicken and veggies. I'm home Tuesday night too as I have a meeting to go to and I'm working my PT job on Wednseday instead. I think Tuesday will be leftover beef on toasted buns with fruit salad. Thursday I'm thinking pizza with chicken, onions and red peppers with olive oil as the base. Friday night I'd like home made soup with corn bread ( its frozen in the freezer). I may switch this up but at least I have a plan this week.

I'm hoping April is a better month spending wise. I didn't really track my spending this month and its showing. I do get paid 3 times in April from my FT job, plus GST checks are out along with my 2 pays from my PT job. By the end of the month my student loan will be under 7,000...

Oh, DD checked her joint account with her dad... no money.... Which means I now owe 3,200 more than I did last week... Damn... But maybe its a good thing I don't have it right now because I could just take the money and blow it and not put it on the VISA...


Just so everyone knows I didn't go looking at patio furniture. I resisted the urge... I bought vegan mousse for my hair instead...

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