Student loan balance March 21, 2009

My balance now stands @ 7,359.14. Down 235.43 ( I pay 250.00). I spent a fair chunk of money today.

Admissions to KL for 7 people 10.00, 7 tickets for maple candy making 14.00, popcorn and coffee 2.50. Coffee and donut 3.00, 2 baby shower gifts 65.50, books 30.43, supper for 5 78.00 + 15 for tip. tea 1.55, gas 30.00 =249.98, plus another 13.00 that I just remembered. 262.98....

It was worth every penny to go away for the day and I treated the kids to supper ( which they did not expect but were very thankful for).

I got to spend a few hours walking outside today, had some interesting conversations with a friends of DD's, whose probably the smartest teen I've ever met... He was stuck with me up from b/c he's too tall to fit in the back seat. LOL

My mother is going to keep the puppy for another night so i can sleep in tomorrow for a little bit. I also have to get my pay check from my PT job, as I forgot it last night.


Canadian Saver said…
Maple candy making???? Wow, I'd drive the 3 hours to get to that ;-)

Sounds like a very fun day!!
Canadian Saver said…
I forgot too, congrats on paying down the SL! Pretty soon it'll be down below $7,000 :-)
Anonymous said…

And maple candy making, well it reminds me of maple syrup finding in Canada in February!

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