Spending Thursday March 5,09

Today I paid the following:

Propane -227.00
Water 151.00
mastercard 106.00

I spent 135.00 @ the spa for DD and I, that's including the tip. I had a 50.00 gift card too, which helped. She got an acne facial ( she gets bad forehead breakouts), eye brow and upper lip wax, plus a manicure. I got a facial for aging skin, and a pedicure. My feet look so pretty! Next time we go, I'll remember to book and shampoo and blow dry cause we both had greasy hair from the facials.

We went out for lunch, I had a burger and home made fries for 7.95 , plus tea for 1.20. DD ordered a basket with wings, mozza sticks and onion rings for 14.95. She was very disappointed. It had 6 wings, 5 mozza sticks, 10 onion rings and 2 carrot and celery sticks. Her pop was 1.60 and it was a 12 oz glass with no refills. Mine rocked, her sucked. I paid 33.00 in total. The service was ok.

I paid for physio too, 57.50 I think. Any how I'm glad its paid for.

I'm off with my sister to meet some friends for drinks! Later


Canadian Saver said…
Glad you enjoyed the spa!! Sounds great :-)

LOVE your new layout!!
Money Minder said…
Sounds like a good time. Nothing beats a spa day.

Even your blog had a makeover - it looks great!
its me, sam said…
Thanks, I needed a boost and I love aqua poppy! Just the name makes me happy! Spring is coming and what better than a mini make over!

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