Spending Sunday MArch 8, 09

Today I spent 111.00 ish @ WM.
I bought dog food -43.98 -5.00 coupon
paper towel 9.97-.50 coupon
garbage can-21.98
chocolate bars 8@4.97
milk -3.65
plunger 6.97
cat food 12 @.58
kitty litter 6.98

I spent 5.00 of DD prescription and not quite 10.00 on a case of Pespi and a 3.00 scratch ticket.

I had the main toilet over flow this morning down into the basement and all over the washer and dryer and the floor. So my laundry has increase as the clean stuff in the washer had to be redone and the towels I used to soak up the water are currently in the washer with hot water. Note to all those with DD's of their own - ensure that they realize that if the toilet paper doesn't flush tell a parent.

After shopping for the plunger and other stuff I finished cleaning the bathroom and basement up, then napped for 2 hours.

I'm back to reality tomorrow, work but I'm off next Saturday and Sunday...


Canadian Saver said…
Oh not good at all about the toilet :-( It seems like one thing after another for you (garbage can, toilet, etc).

I would have made DD do laundry !!
It's funny the random things that have been happening lately, and on Sundays to boot! I'd be waiting for a month for her to do laundry, and this way I know that they were washed in hot water! LOL...

Don't buy a low flow toilet, they're notorious for getting plugged!

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