The snow plow ate my garbage can today! LOL

I thought I was being smart this morning and pull my garbage towards the curb, as tomorrow is the scheduled garbage day for me. I left for about an hour this morning and when I can back the plow had come by and chopped down part on the banks. I really didn't think too much about it. I went to pick up DD this afternoon and noticed a pink wrapper @ the backdoor. I stopped, looked and it and thought, well maybe someones dog got into the garbage. So I decided to look for the ripped bag. What I found instead was a wheel, and bits of chopped plastic mixed among the snow. The garbage in now mixed in and frozen into the snow banks. LOL. I picked up what I could, but I've got a major mess on my hands.

Its supposed to storm tomorrow, so I'll pray that the crows and or animals don't rip up the black garbage bags tomorrow !

On a more positive note, I didn't spend any money today and if it storms tomorrow, I won't spend any then. I'll get groceries on Wednesday ( I'll probably spend 45.00), and top up the gas tank. I'll need to get dog food and cat food this week too... ( that'll be close to 40.00 for the puppy and 10.00 for cat food).

I'll need to make @ least 40.00 on Tuesday night...


Canadian Saver said…
Oh not good about the garbage can!!!

I hope the storm's not too bad either... We'll see tomorrow I guess.

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