sick day... and other thoughts...

Yesterday I spent 15.01 @ McD's. I did the usual stuff around the house and picked up puppy from my mothers. I did sleep until 7ish yesterday, but the cat woke me up wanting to be fed... No sleeping in for me. I did get my income tax done (20.00) and I'm getting back 1700. This is going to pay off my share of DD's trip to Europe. ( her father is paying 1500). I ended up getting very nauseous last night and booked out sick today.

I slept all morning and just rested all afternoon. I did call the contractor I want t do my house and we'll finalize everything this week-end. I did cook supper tonight. I chopped up steak with mushroom,s onions and red peppers and stir fried it with steak spice, a dash of Worcestershire sauce, soya sauce and garlic. We put it on toasted buns and had baked potatoes with sour cream. I cooked the rest of the steak and froze it to use it stir fry's and fajitas...

I'm finishing the laundry up and tomorrow I work both jobs. Plus its my mothers birthday and I'll try to get her some flowers or something.

I do need to buy TP, milk and cat food tomorrow night. Plus the bulk barn has good specials on right now and I want to make some homemade granola bars this week-end. I'd like to only spend money tomorrow night and on Saturday if possible.

I'm currently working on my master list of things to do and I'll keep @ it for the next week or so.


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