Saturday March 7/09

I spent nothing today! I made 68.00 tonight ( again a small section and no tables for me after 10:00, so it was good considering). I do have to buy puppy food ( 35.00 but it lasts for a month), cat food ( I'll buy 14 cans enough for 2 weeks @ .58/can around 10.00), kitty litter ( 5.00) and milk( 3.65) tomorrow. I also need to buy a new garbage can but I'll hold off as long as I can!

I've had 4 no spend days so far this month and want at least 8 more! I'm off to bed, as the DD has friends sleeping over and the house smells like popcorn combined with perfume and bananas, not a great combo!

Tomorrow is going to be clean my bedroom, do 2 loads of laundry and cook supper. If I feel like it I'll probably bake cookies too!


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