Saturday MArch 28, 2009

Yesterday I spent 73.38 @ Shoppers. Yes I went a bit over my budget but here's what I boght.

Cheese 2 @ 2.99
butter 2@ 2.49
eggs 2@ 1.69
1L Choc milk 1.79
2 L 1% milk 3.05
yourgurt 4.99
hella dip 6.99 ( it was supposed to be 4.99 )
pepsi 4 @ .88
crackers 1 @ 1.69
toilet paper 2 @ 4.97
baby wipes 1@ 3.99 ( these are to clean puppy's paws when he comes inside)
mini choc eggs- 1.79
easter bunnies 2 @ 1.69
mini reeses BP cups @ 2.00
mini carmel eggs @ 2.00
green living mousse 7.99

It was 20X the points yesterday @ Shoppers , so I ended up with 12,000 points from my spending there. I watch the flyers and I've been buying staples there when they have the bonuses on. I like Free stuff, especially close to Christmas.

I ended up bathing the dog yesterday ( after he rolled in a mud puddle while having his belly rubbed by a couple of kids in the neighbourhood) and now my whole house smells like wet dog! Yuck! I'll open all the windows again today and frebreeze the furniture. I also started picking up the remains of my garbage can and its contents from the lawn. Its disgusting!

The manager of the restaurant called me in the afternoon for a short shift as she had 2 staff book out sick. I agreed to go in for a few hours to help out, as I knew there was a lot going on in town and I knew she'd only call me if she was really stuck.

I'm very glad I went as I brought home 70.00 after tipping out 15.00 to the kitchen. I worked 4.75 hours and made per hour just a smidge over 20.00.

I didn't go to look at patio furniture either. I knew that I wanted to shop way too bad yesterday and would have made dumb choices so I stayed away.

I'm in a much better mood today! So I'll go and do some more stuff around the house and check out things tonight.


Canadian Saver said…
You got great things at Shoppers too! Boy the crowds were bad, even very early... people were buying lots of pop and chips!!

The eggs are at such a great price. I thought it said $1.99 so I only bought one dozen... my receipt shows $1.69, just like yours. I might go back if it's a week long sale.

That was a good night, $70!!
Karissa said…
Thanks for your comment :)

I too ended up at a brand-new Shopper's yesterday. I spent $63.47 (saved $12 with coupons) and got 13600 points!

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