Saturday the 14th of March

Yesterday I did very little but had a fantastic day. I napped, Bought a few groceries and the puppy his bones, hung out with one of my oldest friends ( we been friends for 34 years) for a few hours, watched some TV, made arrangements to get my taxes done and enjoyed some sunshine.

I deposited 60.00 in the bank, I spent 10.30 @ the bulk barn, 28.00 @ the grocery store, 1.70 on coffee and 2.00 on a scratch ticket.

DD did her PT gig yesterday ( she does face painting)and is getting paid 50.00 plus 5.00 extra for her supplies. That money is going towards her spending money for her trip.

Today will be laundry, cooking and general clean up. We are going to my sisters after supper and I'm going to make a simple dessert and we're going to play crib. I'm also going to take puppy for a walk somewhere.


Canadian Saver said…
That sounds like a great day for you, must be nice to not have to work the pt job :-)

Your DD is very talented! She must be a hit at parties :-)

Have a great Sunday!
Its nice to have 2 days off in a row without taking a vacation day! DD does a good job painting faces. She charges about 15/hour to do it, and creates a theme to go with the occasion. For farm shows she'll do little sheep, cowboy hats, etc.

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