Plans for the day!

I slept in and missed physio... I need to call and book next weeks sessions.

I ended up drinking not quite 2 beer ( on special 2/5.00 and chocolate mint martini ( which was good but too sweet for me). I could hardly keep my head up after 11:00 ( i don't drink very often and it tends to make me sleepy), so my sister and I stayed until around 11:30, we grabbed food @ a local spot and walked home. It was cold but I grabbed a hat and scarf from sisters place and continued walking ( it took about 20 minutes total). I spent 20.00 last night, which was 10.00 under budget!

My plans for today are to fax paper work to the company who's going to do my mortgage , I'm going to get the best deal from my present company, 4.49 % for 5 years, 25 % increase annually, plus 20% down once a year. I checked out others and they were 10% for increases and down payments.

I'll putt around the house and call contractors to get quotes for the house or at least set up appointments to get some quotes. I think I'll order my windows soon too. No I'm going to order my windows tomorrow and put the deposit on them.

I'm also going to fax my property taxes to the mortgage company, the city's assessed value of my house has increase by 9,000 this year. I'm going to hate to see what it'll be next year...

I'm also going to cook a pot roast for supper and hang out with a friend for a bit. DD's going to the movies tonight and she's got plan for tomorrow night too!


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