The next few days...

The next few days will be busier than normal for me. DD has 2 friends coming for the week-end. I'll pick them up tonight @ the train station and we'll have a late supper. Tomorrow I have to work both jobs, but I'm going early to job number 1 and I'll try to leave a bit earlier than normal.

DD will have a few friends over tomorrow night, plus another one will be staying the night. Saturday we're off to the Capitol city for the day. The plan is to leave @ 7:00 and we're going to a sugar bush event for a few hours. ( I've always wanted to go to one, so I can knock this off my list for things to do in my life time).

DD's meeting friends from all over the province there and I'll be wandering/relaxing. We've already decided that we are going to go to Chapters after for am hour or so, then out to supper ( I'm thinking Greek food), then the drive home. I'll be driving my mothers car as mine only has 3 working seat belts, the front 2 and the back middle. LOL

My parents are going to dog sit for the day, and they'll take his kennel over so he'll have his safe place. ( I'd love it if they'd keep him for the night so I could sleep past 5:00). I'd like to be home by 8:00 and I'll probably be in bed by 10:00. DD's friends leave the next morning, so I'll have the rest of Sunday to finish laundry and get ready for the rest of the week. That's my plans for the next few days, anyone else have their plans made for the week end.


I miss Chapters, Ottawa and Greek food. Dearly. Especially that cheap greek food in the malls in Canada - I used to have the fabulous rice & salad. You know what? I'm thinking I might just have to head to Canada this summer!

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