Monday March 9,09

Today was an off day at work. Odd vibes around. I treated a friend to coffee ( 1.29) today and actually took a break for a change. I went to physio tonight and DD cooked supper. She cooked Parmesan chicken with polenta for supper. It was very tasty! I've got my left overs for lunch tomorrow! I did spend a total of 31.29 today.

I bought 3 packs of my addiction, a bag of chips ( the total came to 29.45 and I donated the rest of the change to a charity. I'm working away at the dishes and reading tonight. In the morning I've got to do my physio, get my things ready for job # 2 tomorrow night and I'd like to get 1 load of laundry done.

I faxed the paperwork for my new mortgage today! I have another contractor coming later this week for a quote and I've got more to contact! Here's to home reno's!


Canadian Saver said…
Good luck with the mortgage stuff and all the contract work!! We need to look into that soon here too...

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