Monday March 30, 2009

Today was a typical Monday @ work. The weather outside in nasty, its a sticky snow and there's lots of it. My car is probably stuck in the driveway, as my street was not plowed and I drove it in. The garbage can is full of snow and I couldn't budge it. I'll have to go out later and dig it out.

A friend bought me a coffee today, so I spent no money and won't spend any because I'm not leaving the house unless its an emergency. I have 12 no spend days so far this month, so I've met my goal. But I need to check my other goals for the month of March. I know I completed failed doing physio every day!


Canadian Saver said…
I can't believe all this stupid snow!! Lots of cars in the ditch around here... I made it home but I should have left about 3 hours earlier...

Glad you could stay home!

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