March goals reviwed

Here's what I posted for goals for the month:

12 no spend days. 12 as of today!
Make final payment to DD's trip. yes but went on my Visa so really fail :(
Order windows for house. no, but see below
Call contractors and get one lined up for mid late April. yes, but reno's in May or June
Call and set up insulation removal for the end of March, early April. no! must do tomorrow
Call lawyer and get all that stuff done, including my will. yes, I'll sign off on May 1st
Call a plumber about redoing the pipes in the house. no, paying off SL instead
Do my taxes. yes, getting money back, save for legal fees or put on VISA
Go out @ least once with friends. went out 1 time
Do my physio every day. nope, did do at all at home...
Call the mortgage broker and set up the appointment. new mortgage is approved, all paperwork is in, just the wait now....

My windows are going to be ordered by my contractor. I'm hoping to sign off the contract in the next couple of days.

I'm just waiting patiently for everything, but I just want everything over and done with.


Canadian Saver said…
You had a fantastic month of March!!

For the pipes, how much do you figure it'll cost? For my big, old house, we had a retired plumber (with an active license) come to the house 3 years ago and redid them from top to bottom for $900... I thought that was a great price. My dad helped a bit, but still...

I can't wait to hear how much you save on your heating bill with the new windows!
Send him my way! 2,000 is what I got... all new pipes plus the sewer/water one needs to be replaced too. he only bonus out of all of it is I can sell the copper piping and make a bit of money. I have to replace the pipes and bathroom next year! I'm hoping to get enough money back from the reno's this year to get enough to snowball into a bathroom reno next year.

It'll be very interesting to see how much the bill goes down. I know that my bill didn't drop a cent when I switched to CFL bulbs. I even bought a new dryer 2 years ago and it made no difference either. I should have kept the harvest gold one I had! LOL

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