March 25,2009

Yesterday I spent 5.00 on DD's lunch and 7.79 @ the grocery store for 1l milk, 7 cans of cat food and a baguette. We had dip, bread and reheated seafood casserole for supper.

Everyone in the main office is sick right now, and I really am not feeling 100% but I'll muddle through the next 2 days and then be off for 2. My goals for tonight are to clean the house and do laundry. I also want to watch ER tonight. The baby shower that was planed for tonight has been postponed, so I don't have to spend any money today.

I'll make DD's lunch today and I'm going to make something with ground beef for supper. I want to clean out the fridge and freezer this week-end so I have no plans to buy anything else this week, but want to use up what ever I have and go from there.

Actually I'll have to get groceries on Sunday as DD's friend who stayed with us in December and January is staying with us next week. Her dad is undergoing more radiation treatments next week.


Anonymous said…
We have ER on thurs nights too, isn't it wonderful? I've fallen for Uncle Jesse aka John Stamos all over again :0)

Keep healthy!
Canadian Saver said…
I think it's great that you are helping out DD's friend like that. Must be really hard on her family to have a parent going through radiation :-(
Canadian Saver said…
Sam, can you email me... , regarding the question you asked :-) It happens often to me...

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