March 24, 2009

I worked both jobs yesterday. I had in total yesterday close to 30 calls to return ( the joys of missing a day), plus my normal duties. Last night was dead at the restaurant, but I had to stay as we had a managers meeting. It went well and things are looking good right now. I reassured the manager that I was going to be staying on, as she was under the impression that I was going to finish up when I got my new mortgage. I laughed and told her that my plan was to work PT until I'm 45 ( 5.5 more years).

I forgot to go to send the mortgage company a canceled check, so I'll do that today... I need to pay a few other bills today too.

When I remortgage I'm paying my mother back any money that I owe her. Right now that's what is going to make me feel better and I can strike that off my to do list for 2009. I've vowed that I'll never borrow anymore money from her, as she offers it then holds it over my head... I pay her back with interest... It's taken me almost 40 years to figure this one out. LOL

I also have a diaper party to go to on Thursday night for a friend who is having twins, plus lunch out on Friday and a donation to a co-worker who is finished work. $$$

The rest of my week-end is free, as I was supposed to go to a baby shower Saturday night, but baby came early, so the party is postponed until when the baby leaves the hospital...


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