I used my VISA today... :(

But I'm smiling about it. I used the chewed up Visa to pay off DD's trip to Europe. The final payment was due today, and I haven't heard from DD's father so I bit the bullet and paid it all, 3236.00 the total cost for the trip is 4113.00 plus she'll need spending money which is averaged out to around 100/day for 12 days =1200.00.

I'll pay 1,700.00 on the Visa as soon as I get my income tax, plus as soon as DD's father sends the money I'll throw it on the Visa too. Poor planning on my part, not paying the trip monthly, but I'm a major procrastinator and well lets just say this was another thing that I kept putting off til the last minute.

Now we needed to set up a joint bank account for when she goes, and she has 60.00 to start, only 1140 to go...


Anonymous said…
Hopefully you get the money from DD's father & taxes soon! Can your daughter pay for 1/2 to all of her own spending money? Not sure how old she is but I found that was a great way to encourage kids to be frugal!
Tracey McBride said…
I think it's human nature to procrastinate so don't be too hard on yourself. It sounds as if you have a good plan in place to pay it off.
Best of luck and good thoughts to you.
P.S. Love your calendar!!
DD's father called late last night, he's supposed to deposit his share by Friday... I'll pay mine next Monday. I'd like for DD to earn half her spending money, but She'll be gone for a good part of May ( probably 7-10 days) to various school sponsored events... It makes it hard for people to want to hire her is she isn't going to be around. I'm sure that she can do odd jobs for people. She's very frugal if its her money, not so much if its not hers...

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