Credit scores and remortgaging

My credit score is 734. Not as good as some but a lot better than others! I spoke with a second contractor tonight, and was very impressed! He had a couple of great ideas and was very helpful! He changed a few sizes around from my original ideas ( and are better than mine). I also spoke to the lady who is doing my mortgage and the rates have gone down to 4.29! I'm looking @ May 1st to complete everything!

I'm so excited, yellow house, red front door ( that's what I always pictured the house looking like!). Say a little prayer the CMHC likes my proposal and I get the money I need (85,000).

I spent 2.00 on a coffee today. I'm not buying groceries today either. I'm going to hold off until Saturday. I can make wraps for DD's lunch, plus muffins too.


Canadian Saver said…
I think your credit score is great! Good luck getting everything in order for the refinance :-)
Rachelle said…
Now is totally the best time to do that! We just tried remortgaging our house but because we switched banks last year the penalty was outrageous. Looks like we have to stick to our high interest rate for another 4 years.

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