Thursday spending

The only money I spent today went on my VISA, 122.?? for the vet. The puppy had his 3rd set of needles, his rabies shot, 2 sets of heart worm medication and I ordered a training collar ( that was 30.00. I'll call back and make the appointment to have him neutered in January some time. I did order 5 container of fudge from the woman @ work for Christmas. That'll set me back 50.00 but its so good and the people who'll get it love it! People at work today were very tense, lots of changes coming again, I could be back @ my old job sooner than I think, but I had a lot of people go to bat for what I'm currently doing today. ( I love what I'm doing currently, so pray that things stay as they are right now!) If go back it won't to so bad, I'll make the best of it. I was going to clean house tonight but it can wait until Saturday. I'll be a demon and get everything done then!


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