Thursday spending December 11/08

I spent
30.00 on a tree
8.92 @ store
36.65 on gas ( 50 litres)
7.00 lotto tickets
9.04 items for work ( i'll get reimbursed)
15.00 for a fund raiser ( I'll get a 15inch pizza and 12 inch garlic fingers out of it)

I ended up staying @ work until 5:40 tonight as I'm vacation tomorrow and I was out of my office for 3 hours this afternoon and when I got back there was 8 messages, all of which needed calls back. I ended up buying the tree in the dark and its still covered in yesterdays slop. So no decorating tonight, its defrosting and I'm cleaning up the floors... DD was very disappointed as the tree is thin compared to what I'd normally buy. ( we were looking at pictures tonight of lasts yer tree and it was at least 2 feet wider) But seeing as I had to tie the tree to the top of the car, I was not taking any chances!

If there is no school tomorrow than formal is postponed until next week... Which means I'll work tomorrow and take a day off next week! However that means DD will not have a hair appointment next week for an updo... I'll keep you all posted to the goings on...


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