Sunday spending

Today I spent a total of 20.01 @ the store on gum, chips, a magazines ( for DD's train ride) , p;us tobacco. I spent 8.90 @ Tim Hortons on 2 breakfast biscuits, orange juice and a large tea. ( the train was running later and she was starving). I spent an additional 24.00 @ the store on lottery tickets and tobacco. My plan is to spend nothing until Jan 2, 2009.

I've chosen to work @ the restaurant New Years eve, so I won't be spending any money there, and the next day I'll be able to sleep in, B/c my parents are going to watch the dog so he doesn't have to be in the kennel for 18 hours ( I love my parents:) )

I took the tree down today and some of the decorations so I can concentrate on my budget/ spending plan for 2009. I need to do some tidying up and fold laundry and I'm set for the week.


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