The storm

How bad is it right now? I can't get out my back door because the drift is over 5 feet high. Its a good thing I brought a shovel inside last night.:) I've had the puppy outside already via the front door, and the wind will take your breath away. I'm looking forward to being snowed in with movies to watch, food to eat and lots to read mixed in with shoveling , laundry and taking the dog out.


Canadian Saver said…
I saw on the news how much you got! We didn't get much... there wasn't even anything to plow in the driveway when I left this morning.

It's all about where the wind was blowing!
Its crazy! I have shoveled around my car and the back door and that's it! My rule of thumb is anything over 20 cm's and the plow comes! I still have more shoveling to do around the back door though:(

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