Spending on Saturday

Today was a spend, spend , spend day.

I spent 10.00 @ the farmers market this morning on 2 seafood calazones. ( I bought them last week too, they are so yummy, we ate them for lunch today).
2.00 on fund raiser tickets.
Jean Coteau had sunlight dish soap on today for .99 a bottle. (I ended up buying 3 and so did my DD)I needed this along with girly stuff. Total there about 28.00.
Pharmasave - mascara & 6 2L's of pop 15.00
Pizza place -15.10
Library fines-12.00 ( I realise how bad that looks)
Train ticket 110.14
store -10.50
groceries 26.98
formal tickets 20.00 ( for DD )

That's what I spent today. I still have to stop @ the bulk barn on my way to a Christmas party... I so just want to stay home right now! But I'll go...


Canadian Saver said…
I'd love to taste those calzones!

I often feel like you before going to events but it always is more fun than I thought... and am glad I went :-)
I'm glad I went. A friend from work who is currently out on sick leave as she is having her miracle baby was there so I had a chance to have a good chat... the food was great too. The lady who made the calazones was selling homemade chocolates too. My DD bought a package of 16 for 5.00, and loved them... She ate 10 yesterday and is saving the cherry ones for my DAD. I'll be buying more next week-end too if she has any... Or her seafood casserole ( she had none left when we got there...)
paisley penguin said…
Seafood Calzones? Sounds yummy!
I ate the cherry chocolates yesterday. They were really good. I plan on buying more on the week-end. My sister and I are going shopping Saturday morning.

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