Saturday spending

I spent 3.00 on head phones for DD's trip tomorrow. I also spent just under 20.00 @ the grocery store on dog treats, cat food and bread. I had 107.00 tonight @ the resturant. I had 2 big table ( 15 plus people @ both). I've been managing since around 10#0, and the night is almost done! Tomorrow I'll give DD a bit of cash for her trip and I'll pick up whatever I need for the week.( It won't be very much, as I'll eat supper @ work or my parents :D

I think I'll finilize my goals for 2009 and tweak my budget again...


Just a side note on last night. We had freezing rain:( I so wanted to close early but was not allowed.WE had tables show up close to closing time so we never locked up until 1:45!I know i should complain but why drive when the weather is bad when its unnecessary! The drive home was a white knuckle one! I fell asleep about 2:45, so I'm sure to have a big nap today!

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