Pay day spending.

Today i spent 38.?? @ NBLC, on a c Rickards sampler pack and a bottle of Masi Volepcello ( definitely not spelled right at all LOL). 65.?? @ the grocery store ( as DD is leaving Sunday I won't ahve to buy groceries next week, just cat food and bananas. I paid my Visa and my bill for the snow plow (101.70), plus gave checks for my oil. 12.?? @ the dollar store.

DD informed me yesterday that her friends were having a gift exchange tonight @ another friends house. I bought 4 chinese style take-out containers for her and told her to open one of the cans of fudge to place inside. Plus she added ( I think) chocolate truffles too.

I also bought her a big tin of M&M's. They were 3.00 @ the dollar store, and else where we saw them for 10.00! She's getting a lot of chocolate this year!

I made 70.00 tonight... :)

Next week I'm only working New Years Eve @ my PT job...


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