Not the most productive day!

I was feeling very lazy today and have been doing bits and pieces of house work all day. I'm going to keep picking away and finish up so I just have maintenance for the rest of the week. I went out this afternoon for about 2 hours and when i can home it was really cold. I called the company who delivers my oil and fixes the furnace too. They were here within an hour and it was a quick fix.(TG) it inspired me to do a bit of cleaning in the basement and I plugged my dehumidifier back in to see if I can get some of the moisture out of the house. I had 2 leaks in the basement this week too. ( This house can be a major pain some times)

I ended up spending today:
drug store -5.00 for DD's prescription
groceries -9.32 for choc chips, cat food and treats for the dog.
I also spent 7.26 on stamps and a scratch ticket.

I hope everyone has a great work week!


Canadian Saver said…
You were more productive than me! The only thing I did was laundry...

I'm glad your furnace problem was quick to fix!

Have a good week too :-)

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