Yesterday I spent 40.0 for DD appointment, 4.00 on fudge @ work and 61.86 @ the grocery store. I needed dog food, cat food and litter, and cheese. I ended up with yogurt, pop (2 cases) lunch meat, shredded cheese, chips x 2, plus the needed stuff! Poor planning on my part. My DD's freind is staying with us during the school week right up until Christmas eve, and her mom brought her pop and stuff,so I guess I felt a little guilty. I didn't smoke yesterday so that was a bonus! I got a bit of decorating done, my nativity is out and on fireplace mantel, and my pine garland with lights is around my doorway between the dining area and living room. I'll put a few more little things up in the living room and in other rooms, and try to get something outside this year! The 61.86 went on my visa :(, but I thought its better food that smoking).

Today, we're going @ lunch to ge the passports done, b/c i can't read date very well!


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