Looking back... a moment of reflection.

I decided to reread my first couple of blogs this morning. I remember writing the first one and being afraid. I was thinking am I going to sound stupid? I remember sitting here and very timidly writing a few words. I almost canceled the whole thing but thought COURAGE GIRL, you can just sit and writer when ever you want and if no one reads it, so what. At lest your being honest and keeping track so that if someone stumbles upon it, maybe they can learn a little some thing. I've learned many new things in the past 4 months or so that I've been blogging. I used to read some but was too scared to comment! I was a lurker...

Now I look at this as being therapeutic and being held accountable for my actions. Its a shift in mindset for me. As the new year approaches, I'll be defining my goals in a more concrete manner and looking for more ways to save.

So I' like to say thanks to anyone who reads this blog even once! You've made my day :)


Canadian Saver said…
You have come a long way in 4 months yeah :-) I really enjoy reading your blog... I think even more because we live in the same province... we deal with the same prices, taxes, weather, etc.

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