Its Christmas eve and snowing again...

The big day has finally arrived and I'm as ready as I'm going to be. All I have to do today is clean the house and finish up the laundry. I do have to drop a couple of cards in the mail with photos of DD to her father parents.

DD is going to visit her great-great aunt with my mother this morning. She's in her mid nineties and still going strong. DD's fudge and truffles were a big hit with her friends last night! I'm glad I'm not the only parent who put the brakes on and said this is what I can spend and no more. She did receive the sound track to WICKED, which she loves... She tells her friends all the time the reason she loves musicals is because I listen to Les Mis while I was in labour...which was true, listen to someone else suffering made my time go fast.

DD's father called the other day to say that her gift would be later (LOL), and proceeded to tell me that he bought her something HUGE. ( I can't say until tomorrow as I get to tell her). I was just a bit annoyed! Any how, my sister who lives in Calgary, put 150.00 towards her trip to Europe yesterday! Thanks sis..The balance is about 2700, with her fahter paying 1500, which leaves 1200 for me to pay off in the 3 months... This number seems much more managable...

Last night @ the restaurant I seat a couple who I usually wait on when they come in. I've been waiting on them off and on for almost twenty years. i started their order but when a seat in another section became available they switched to another server. When they were leaving he handed me a ten dollar bill, which I was going to refuse but he said that they didn't realize that when they switched seats they'd switch servers too! I really appreciated their thoughtfulness. His wife is flying to Calgary today to surprise their granddaughter for Christmas, while he is going to stay home and work. I've met their grand daughter and she's a cutie. I told them to bring pictures of Christmas morning when she gets the surprise of her grandmother sitting under the tree!

I hope everyone has a very Merry Christmas and please don't drink and drive... I'm off to get ready for the party here tonight, I think people will start showing up anytime after 5, and where DD and I have to leave @ 6ish for the church, my sister and family will be here to meet and greet everyone that stops by in the meantime!


Canadian Saver said…
Sounds like such a fun evening!!! Hope you have a great party and enjoy your Christmas eve!
It was a fun evening. Everyone is gone now, the house is quiet, puppy is @ my parents tonight, so I may get to sleep in tomorrow for a bit. Merry Christmas and enjoy your days off!

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