I'm tired....

I'm ready for bed but still have about 1 hour left to work. I made 80.00 tonight. ( this money will be for a hair cut next Friday and I'll put some away for groceries.

I finished up the most of my shopping today.I just need to pick something very small up for my parents.

LaSenza-29.80 for 2 pairs of PJ's
Zellers-19.80 for 2 pairs of PJ's
Shoppers-9.70 ( we combined all the points and bought treats for all the kids for Christmas, I paid the tax)
Dollar Store -5.65 a crib board and a b-day card
Hand made jewelery-30.00 ( she even made gift bags to put them in)
Organic chicken -28.00 ( for Christmas dinner)
Shoppers -15.00 for my Dad's prescription.
Charity tickets -7.00
Tim's -4.00
pin cushion -3.00

Tomorrow is the usual cleaning, laundry and sleep. I hope to wrap gifts and the plan is to finish the tree tomorrow night.


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