I'm half done my week and thinking about my closet.

My work week that is! This week I work Friday night @ the restaurant instead of Saturday! ( I wanted Saturday night off and that was the trade. I'd like to make @ least 100.00, and finish up Christmas shopping the next day. I don't need too much more and I'd like to have everything wrapped soon too! I need to buy tape, cards and stamps. I don't send a lot of cards, but I like to have them on hand. I have another Christmas party on Saturday night to attend, then a Christmas dinner to eat . ( My cousins girls are leaving for Christmas, so dinner's this week-end).

If I can squeeze it out, I'd like to but a turtle neck sweater ( black) and a new scarf to wear.( No more dressy shirts, I wear them once, they sit in my closet, then I donate them), and maybe a black belt? I'd buy that in the mens department I think. In my closet I have:
2 pairs of black pants that I wear waitressing,
anther pair of black cotton pants,
a beige pair of pants,
01 pair of gray pants,
01 pair of olive colored pants,
01 burgundy pants with matching skirt and jacket,
01 men's white dress shirt,
01 green 3/4 sleeve blouse,
01 silky shirt,
01 pairs of Levis that are too big but I wear doing stuff around the house
01 pair of jeans I love!
05 summer cardigans that i still wear,( 3 I bought this summer, the other 2 very old 5+yrs)
2 vests, 01 green and 01 red( its fleece and very warm).
A peachy colored sweater and a vest that goes with it,
A beaded cardigan I bought second hand 8 yrs ago.
01 red turtle neck bought second hand
2 long sleeve white tee's,
2 long sleeve black tee's
1 liliac long sleeve tee
1 trquoise tee
2 navy tee's
01 striped polo

01 black mary jane style heel
01 brown loafer style heel
and lots of sandals ( 5 pairs)
plus sneakers ( 3 pairs last one bought almost 3 years ago)

Plus a couple of sweat shirts, yoga pants and 2 gym shirts. Plus painting/ house work tee's.

I'm getting slightly depressed just writing about my wardrobe, and the sad part in my oldest sister gave me most of the stuff! Maybe that will be one of my goal's next year, start replacing my wardrobe. Food for thought.


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