I still haven't stopped, well until now...

My day started at 5:30 and I'm finally sitting down to relax.:) Work was a bit frantic today. I went to pick some things up for work today ( I Love to spend someone money besides my own) and while making a run to the bathroom someone took stuff out of the cart. I ended up being gone from work for 2 and a half hours running errands for them.

My plan was to leave work early to get things done around the house, but ended up staying until close to 4. Then home to pick the puppy up and take him to my parents for the night. Then home to clean, and get girls ready for formal. The kids have been coming here for the past 3 years for photos and this year there was only 10 here, plus parents. I decided to wrap gifts after they left and am almost finished ( I'm waiting for the new PJ's to dry before I wrap them).

I spent 8.50 today. @ the store. Tomorrow I hope not to spend anything at all! I have 2 more days to work and then I'm off from my full time job for a week, but still have 2 shifts @ my PT job to complete.

In one week it'll be Christmas eve! How scary is that!


Canadian Saver said…
Your vacation is coming up fast!!!

That sounds like fun, having everyone over at your place for pictures. That way you're sure you won't miss anything :-)

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