I just saved 113.00

The company came to clean my couch and chair. ( it's the came company that did it last time). Well this time they wouldn't touch it b/c its 100% cotton... I'm thinking WTH??? They offered to "dry clean" it for me for a total of 123.00... (10.00 more than the wet clean) They would damped the material, clean it by hand and towel it dry. The kicker, no stains would be removed! I was like "sorry to waste your time but I'm not paying out that much money for something I can do by hand". I'm a bit annoyed as I'd bet money last time they steamed it... They just didn't seem to want to be out on a day like this ( they could have canceled when they called this morning) Oh well, my sister's going to help me clean it later on. I'm going to purchased my remaining gifts with the 113.00 that I had budgeted for the cleaning.


How irritating but at least you saved the cash.

How idiotic is that? To pay money for them to clean it BY HAND.. wtf?
Canadian Saver said…
Glad you saved the money instead of having them do a crappy job!
Me too... Now I just have to take the time to clean it :(

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